Electronic buzzer

Trembling sound buzzer circuit

A trembling sound buzzer circuit is create a kind of ring circuit that provide a strange sweetness of general bell. It use all transistor so easy to builds and cheap, suitable for bedroom or a private room good or may be adapted into a bell. Listening to children play leisure. In addition melodic sound then. […]

How to make simple electronic buzzer

A electronic buzzer is simple. But useful well worth and the price is lower than 1$. By use just a 9-volts battery only. So without worrying about electrical leakage or electric shock from 220V to buzzer. Unless also has LED will glow. Show that the circuit the normal operation as well. The working of circuit. […]

Simple sound effects circuits

This is Sound effects two tone circuit, which generally abound measure various both of kinds use IC frequency origin oruse the transistor. The sound will that is proportionate big depend on the value of R and C. For this circuit is will building sound of pale long tail or clock ancient sound. The work of […]

Two tone door buzzer using transistors

This is a two tone door buzzer, which is an electronic buzzer types,but them has melodic sound than the general electric bell. Which many people have seen the two tone bell sounds from other electronic journals. But they are circuit that made no who apply them, since Problems three reasons: 1.First, while do not press […]

Many simple door buzzer sound circuits

Have you ever had a problem with the front door bell or not? Are, I am boring old buzzer. When used with directly AC line.Danger of leakage power in the heavy rain. And, doorbell quality is very expensive. I think we try to make yourself better, strange sounds a unique. Cheap equipments. And high performance. […]

1 minute to 4 hour Alarm Clock Timer using CD4060

This circuit is the Alarm Clock Timer circuit with PCB. When rises time that is set, Suppose set 5 minutes time. after all time to 5 minutes. the circuit will emit a sound of buzzer once. This circuit use volume and switch to set time clock. Special feature -Use 9V battery -Use current around 23mA […]

Headlight Warning Buzzer

Often,we find that a lot of motorist.They have forgotten to turn on light in a car when parking.then back to start the machine,it did not work,because a battery did not have a energy. but this circuit will be warning a car driver for instantly know,when we forget to open the car door or forgetting to […]

Electronic Buzzer with IC timer NE555

This easy electronic buzzer circuit built based on timer works for gaining the frequency. The IC timer NE 555 used as astable multivibrator operating at about 1kHz and produces a sound when switched on. The sound frequency can be adjusted by varying the 10K resistor. You may change the 10K resistor with variable resistor.

Battery voltage monitor circuit by LM339

This low voltage circuit can be used to monitor battery and other voltage sources of current for problems. The circuit sounds an alarm and lights an LED, but can be interfaced to any number of other circuits for many different uses. We use The LM339 14pin Compare voltage IC is base of this circuit. when […]