Cheap AC Current Measurement

The easy way to measure high AC currents is to use a clamp meter but these are generally quite expensive and cost several hundred dollars at a minimum. Add-on clampmeter adaptors can work well but they only work with digital multimeters which have millivolt AC resolution. This is because the output of most clamp adaptors […]

High Side Current Measurements

It’s always a bit difficult to measure the current in the positive lead of a power supply, such as a battery charger. Fortunately, special ICs have been developed for this purpose in the last few years, such as the Burr-Brown INA138 and INA168. These ICs have special internal circuitry that allows their inputs to be […]

Ultra-Low Quiescent Current DC-DC Converter

Ultra-Low Quiescent Current DC-DC Converter Analog Devices, Inc., a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications, introduced the ADP2370/71 15-V, 800-mA output DC-to-DC regulator optimized for better energy efficiencies in battery-powered applications using multiple alkaline/NiMH, lithium cells, or other standard power sources. The highly integrated ADP2370/71 regulators offer a wide input voltage supply range […]