Circuit Project: Doorbell Warning Switch

This circuit will light a lamp at a remote location when the doorbell switch is pressed. This circuit should only be used with the solenoid type doorbells, the electronic type that play tunes will not work here. It is quite easy to miss the sound of a doorbell if you are watching TV , this […]

Clipping Indicator For Audio Amplifiers

A clipping indicator is a useful accessory on any audio amplifier. It indicates when the amplifier has reached its limit and is clipping the peaks of the audio signal. In practice, quite a lot of clipping can occur before you can hear it. So why is it necessary to know when an amplifier is clipping […]

Exit Sign With Battery Protection

This circuit substitutes two white Luxeon 1W Star LEDs for the inverter and fluorescent tube in a standard battery-backed illuminated exit sign, as used in commercial premises. While the Luxeons have less light output than a standard small fluorescent tube, their directional light is quite adequate for the purpose and they do result in less […]