65W Notebook Laptop Power Adapter

Using TOP269EG off-line switcher IC, (U1), in a flyback configuration can be designed a very simple high efficiency notebok laptop power adapter.TOP269EG IC has an integrated 725 V MOSFET and a multi-mode controller. It regulates the output by adjusting the MOSFET duty cycle, based on the current fed into its CONTROL pin.This laptop power adapter […]

Internal Resistance Tester For Batteries

This circuit is designed to check the condition of lead-acid and gel cell batteries with capacities greater than 20Ah. It switches a load of about 18A at a rate close to 50Hz so that the internal resistance of the battery can be measured using a digital multimeter across the battery terminals. The measured AC voltage […]

Light From Flat Batteries

Button or coin cells that appear to be flat in their normal function may yet be discharged further. This is because in many cases, for instance, a quartz watch stops to function correctly when the battery voltage drops to 1.2 V, although it can be discharged to 0.8 V. Normally, however, not much can be […]

Low Battery Indicator II

This circuit indicates the remaining battery life bAy varying the duty cycle and flash rate of an LED as the battery voltage decreases. In fact, the circuit actually indicates five battery conditions: (1) a steady glow assures indicates that the battery is healthy; (2) a 2Hz flicker (briefly off) indicates that the battery is starting […]

Simple NiCd Battery Charger

A simple NiCd charger can be built using ‘junk box’ components and an inexpensive LM317 or 78xx voltage regulator. Using a current limiter composed of R3 and a transistor, it can charge as many cells as desired until a ‘fully charged’ voltage determined by the voltage regulator is reached, and it indicates whether it is […]

Car Charger for 12V Batteries

The circuit has been designed to produce a battery charger for automobiles that are using 12V batteries only. BTY79 – a 10A Silicon controlled rectifier with an operational temperature range from 0ºC to 125ºC C106D – a 4A sensitive gate Silicon controlled rectifier that functions as reverse blocking thyristors designed for high volume consumer applications […]

Low Battery Indicator I

Here is the circuit diagram of low battery indicator from silicon chip electronics. This simple circuit lights LED1 when the battery voltage drops below the setting set by trimpot VR1. In effect, VR1 and associated resistors bias Q1 on which holds Q2 and the LED off. When the voltage drops below the set value, Q1 […]

Battery Juicer

More and more electronic devices are portable and run off batteries. It is no surprise, then, that so many flat batteries find their way into the bin – and often far too early. When a set of batteries can no longer run some device – for example, a flashgun – the cells are not necessarily […]

Battery-Charging Indicator For Mains Adaptor

Although you may well be the proud owner of the very latest NiCd battery charger, you may still come across the odd ‘incompatible’ battery, for example, one having a rare voltage or requiring a much higher charging current than can be supplied by your off-the-shelf charger. In these cases, many of you will resort to […]