Speech Eroder

Nowadays, the speech quality on our telephone systems is generally very good, irrespective of distance. However, there are occasions, for instance, in an amateur stage production, or just for fun, when it is desired to reproduce the speech quality of yesteryear. The eroder circuit accepts an acoustic (via an electret micro-phone) or electrical signal. The […]

Voice Scrambler

With this circuit you can modify how your voice sounds by changing the pitch of your voice. This circuit can be connected to a phone and with a duplicate circuit on the end of the phone line, you can have a scrambled voice communication. The way the circuit works is as follows: If we cut […]

Tracking Down Scratchy Pots

One of the most common faults in audio equipment is noisy pots – potentiometers that introduce scratching or crackling noises into the signal as they are adjusted. The problem is that sometimes a perfectly good pot will sound scratchy or crackly because of an intermittent connection or because DC is getting into it through a […]

Symmetric Noise Source

If a transistor junction operating in Zener breakdown is used as a noise source, the amplitude of the noise signal is asymmetric. This problem can be solved by using two transistors as two independent noise sources. One of these has a series resistor to earth, and the other has a series resistor to the supply […]

Wireless Digital Audio Streaming IC

Wireless Digital Audio Streaming IC 2.4 GHz audio ICs that transmit uncompressed CD-quality wireless audio over a rock solid RF (radio frequency) link, with error-free, lossless transmission. The solutions target consumer, portable and high-end audio applications, such as wireless headphones, headsets and speakers. CC85xx key benefits: Uncompressed CD-quality wireless audio Rock solid 16-bit 44.1/48kHz RF […]

Digital Input 2 W Class-D Audio Amp

Digital Input 2 W Class-D Audio Amp The SSM2518 is a digital input, Class-D power amplifier that com-bines a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) Class-D modulator. This unique architecture enables extremely low real-world power consumption from digital audio sources with excellent audio performance. The SSM2518 is ideal for power sensitive applications, such as […]

Digital Audio Platform

Digital Audio Platform Atmel® Corporation, a leader in microcontroller and touch technology solutions, announced a complete Digital Audio Platform for consumer, automotive and industrial applications. The Atmel Digital Audio Platform offers audio equipment and mobile accessory OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) a complete hardware and firmware solution that greatly simplifies the task of designing high-quality digital […]

HiFi Audio DSP

HiFi Audio DSP Tensilica, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Dolby Volume on its popular HiFi Audio DSPs (digital signal processors). The implementation is based on software developed by Dolby and has passed Dolby’s certification. Dolby Volume enables designers of SOCs (systems on chips) for home entertainment systems and digital televisions, and for handsets with […]

Digital Audio Processors

Digital Audio Processors STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and a leading supplier of audio ICs, has introduced a digital audio processor for multi-microphone applications. ST’s new Smart Voice product family combines superior processing performance with unparalleled scalability and programmability to bring dramatic sound-quality improvements to mobile phones, […]

2002 Ford Escort Fuse Box Diagram

2002 Ford Escort Fuse Box Diagram 2002 Ford Escort Fuse Box Map Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: meter asc, mirror, rear wiper, door lock, stop lamp, hazard warning, horn, tail light relay, room, air conditioner, wiper, cigar lighter, fog lamp, fuel injection, air bag, audio, power window, heater, engine.