Audio mixers

Simple Audio Mixer Circuit Schematic

The simple audio mixer circuit is built on common base principle, where input voltages are transformed in alternative currents wich are summed to form the alternative current component for the collector. The total amplification is R6/Ri, where Ri is one of the input resistors. I’ve build this mixer for a little fm transmitter and works […]

Wide stereo system circuit by TL082

Added dimension to get sound of music wider stereo system. Suitable for, you are tired of the original sound. I’m not making you uncomfortable with electronic projects difficult, and expensive. This circuit enhances the Joy of musical level. The principle is easy to understand, and with a simple, inexpensive equipment. The love of the instrument, […]

Super stereo digital echo by KT5211P

This stereo digital echo project is circuits pioneering in the use of the old echo circuit before using the IC-BBD to the digital system. By using a digital echo circuit IC designed especially for the heart to work. This circuit is designed as a stereo system, to make it easy, and easy to-use applications, with […]

Micro mixer circuit by TA7137

If you are looking for a micro mixer circuit that create a simple, affordable, small and compact, and be usable versatile, must be this circuit. We can use to mix up to four input channels such as the microphone signal, FM Tuner, AUX and Other signals, As circuit shown in Figure 1. How it works. […]