PWM Modulator

If you ever thought of experimenting with pulse-width modulation, this circuit should get you started nicely. We’ve kept simplicity in mind and used a dual 555 timer, making the circuit a piece of cake. We have even designed a small PCB for this, so building it shouldn’t be a problem at all. This certainly isn’t […]

Push Off Push On

The ubiquitous 555 has yet another airing with this bistable using a simple push-button to provide a push-on, push-off action. It uses the same principle of the stored charge in a capacitor taking a Schmitt trigger through its dead-band. Whereas the Schmitt trigger in that reference was made from discrete components, the in-built dead-band arising […]

Random Number Generator Based Game

This electronic game is simulation of one-arm bandit game. Electronics hobbyists will find it very interesting. When toggle switch S1 is in ‘run’ position, all segments of 7-segment displays (DIS1 through DIS3) will light up. On turning toggle switch S1 from ‘run’ to ‘stop’ position, displayed digits will continue advancing and the final display is […]

Cupboard Lights circuit

This Cupboard lights circuit is an automatic White LED lamp used to illuminate the interior of cupboard to search things. The lamp automatically turns on when the door of the cupboard opens and stays on for three minutes then turns off. The circuit uses the popular timer IC NE 555 for the time delay. Components […]

High Low Voltage Cutout Without Timer

This inexpensive circuit can be connected to an air-conditioner/fridge or to any other sophisticated electrical appliance for its protection. Generally, costly voltage stabilizers are used with such appliances for maintaining constant AC voltage. However, due to fluctuations in AC mains supply, a regular ‘click’ sound in the relays is heard. The frequent energisation/de-energisation of the […]

Wire Tracer (Transmitter)

The circuit depicted here forms one half of a device that will prove extremely handy when tracing the path of electrical wiring in a building or to locate a break in a wire. The system is based on similar equipment that is used by technicians in telephone exchanges. The operation is straightforward. You require a […]

SDR Soundcard Tester

The key to using a soundcard successfully in digital signal processing or digital radio applications lies principally in the characteristics of the soundcard itself. This applies in particular to SDR (software defi ned radio) programs that turn your PC into a top-class AM/SSB/CW receiver, assuming your soundcard cooperates. If you want to experiment with SDR […]

Electronic dog repellent project

Join the forum discussion on this post The electronic dog repellent circuit diagram below is a high output ultrasonic transmitter which is primarily intended to act as a dog and cat repeller, which can be used individuals to act as a deterrent against some animals. It should NOT be relied upon as a defence against […]

Voltage Doubler Circuit with 555

This dc voltage doubler circuit produces a voltage that is twice its voltage supply. This is useful when a higher voltage level is needed out of a single lower voltage power supply. Since the current consumption levels are low in such cases, the circuit can be built with minimal resources. Voltage Doubler Circuit Schematic The […]