14-Bit 310Msps Dual ADC

14-Bit 310Msps Dual ADC Linear Technology Corporation introduces a family of dual (LTC2158-14) and single (LTC2153-14) high IF sampling 14-bit, 310Msps analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) designed specifically for wide bandwidth digital predistortion (DPD) linearization applications. Digital predistortion is a closed-loop feedback system that samples the distortion bandwidth at the output of the base station transmitter and […]

Aerospace 14-Bit 150 MSPS ADC

Aerospace 14-Bit 150 MSPS ADC The AD9254 is a monolithic, single 1.8 V supply, 14-bit, 150 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC), featuring a high performance sample-and-hold amplifier (SHA) and on-chip voltage reference. The product uses a multistage differential pipeline architecture with output error correction logic to provide 14-bit accuracy at 150 MSPS data rates and guarantees […]

Fastest 14-bit Sample-and-Hold Amplifier

Fastest 14-bit Sample-and-Hold Amplifier Datel, a business unit of Murata Power Solutions has announced what it claims is the world’s fastest stand alone 14bit sample and hold amplifier. According to the company, the SHM-14 amplifier has a 70MHz full power bandwidth and 250MHz small signal bandwidth that achieves 12 and 14bit acquisitions within 25ns (/-0.012%) […]