Tablet Reminder Uses Watch Module

This device is used as a
reminder to take medicine every day. This device actually contains a
crystal watch and a 4001 quad 2-input NOR gate
with two of the gates (IC1a & IC1b) wired as an RS flipflop. The
watch is set to “tablet time”, usually mornings, when an alarm is
activated with a high signal fed via diode D1 which sets the RS flipflop
and enables the oscillator comprising gates IC1c & IC1d. This
drives the LED with a 10% duty cycle. The 10nF
capacitor resets the watch alarm when positive voltage appears on pin 3
of IC1. The circuit consumes only 50µA with a 3V battery.

Tablet Reminder Circuit

Tablet Reminder Circuit Diagram

Author: Rasim Kucalovic

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