Symmetrical Class A Preamplifier


A very simple but very good amplifier unit, with low distortion. A similar modification was used as a preamplifier HAFLER. The quality however of the reproduced sound in all the symmetrical amplifiers regardless of the cost of the necessary materials, transistors, capacitor and resistors.

Circuit diagram


Part List

  • R1= 100Kohm
  • R2-3= 82Kohm
  • R4-5= 22Kohm
  • R6-7= 100ohm
  • R8= 5.6Kohm
  • R9= 100Kohm
  • R10= 1Kohm
  • C1-3= 10uF MKT
  • C2= 56pF ceramic
  • C4-5= 100nF 63V
  • C6-7= 47uF 40V
  • T1-2= BC 550C
  • T3-4= BC 560C
  • T5= BC 516
  • T6= BC 517

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