Suzuki Marine DF250SS Circuit Diagram of VVT mechanism, single/dual charging system wiring Harness

The DF250SS represents a new kind of Suzuki outboard—a “Sport 4-Stroke” designed for the sportsman who is serious about outboard performance. Based on a 4.0-liter Big Block V6 the DF250SS produces 250 horsepower and delivers outstanding acceleration throughout the entire powerband thanks to the incorporation of some of Suzuki’s most advanced technologies. With a 20-inch transom, it’s perfect for bass boats, sport pontoons, ski boats, flats and bay boats or any other boat that demands power, performance and reliability. The DF250SS also offers all the advantages of Suzuki’s 4-stroke
technology, such as superior fuel economy, quiet, low vibration, and environmentally friendly operation, all while providing impressive performance and rock solid reliability.

Suzuki engineers started off in a big way by designing the DF250SS based on a big block 4.0-liter engine, the largest displacement found in this class. This V6 engine features an aggressive cam profile, delivering maximum output and performance at high rpm, and Suzuki’s advanced Variable Valve Timing (VVT), provides the DF250SS with the torque needed to boost low- to mid-range acceleration. VVT provides this boost by adjusting the intake valve timing, allowing intake valves to open before the exhaust valves are
fully closed.This process creates a momentary overlap in the timing where both sets of valves are open. With VVT, this overlap can be increased or
decreased by altering intake timing with the camshafts to optimize timing for low- and mid-range operation.

Suzuki marine df250ss vvt1 circuit

Regulator with Dual Circuit Charging System
The DF250SS features a built in dual circuit charging system that can be adapted* for use with dual-battery configurations. When used in this configuration, the system charges both main and auxiliary batteries simultaneously on independent circuits. With this design, you can drain down the accessory battery powering your electronics and still have a fully charged main battery for starting the motor.
* Requires purchase of optional wiring harness.

Suzuki marine charging system 2

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