STK4050 Audio Amplifier with 200W Output

The project is based
around the hybrid integrated circuit STK4050 manufactured by Sanyo to
build a low noise mono audio amplifier with complete high quality. The
project has a maximum output power of 200W while incorporating a volume
control. The power supply used in the circuit is an on-board type and
because of this, only a center tapped transformer is needed for the
powering of the circuit. The sound has a very good quality and it can be
proven when used in home theaters, in computers, and other audio
equipments which can also be used as subwoofer amplifier. For thin-type
audio sets, it can be considered as a compact package.

The heat generated in thin-type audio sets is being dispersed easily
with a good heatsink design. There may be case where a shock noise may
be encountered especially during switch ON and switch OFF.
This can be reduced by providing a constant current circuit. The design
of the circuit can be tailored for reducing occurrence of thermal
shutdown, short circuit protection for loads, shock noise muting from
external power supply. The load resistance should have 8 Ohms value with
55K Ohms input impedance.

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