Stepper Motor IC with On-Chip Indexer

Stepper Motor IC with On-Chip Indexer

Stepper Motor IC with On Chip Indexer

The DRV8805 provides an integrated solution for driving unipolar stepper motors. It includes four low side drivers with overcurrent protection and provides built-in diodes to clamp turn-off transients generated by the motor windings.

Indexer logic to control a unipolar stepper motor using a simple step/direction interface is also integrated. Three stepping modes are supported: 2 phase (full-step), 1-2 phase (half-step), and 1-phase (wave drive).

The DRV8805 can supply up to 1.5-A (single channel on) or 800-mA (four channels on) continuous output current (with adequate PCB heatsinking at 25°C).

Internal shutdown functions are provided for over current protection, short circuit protection, under voltage lockout and overtemperature and faults are indicated by a fault output pin.

  • 4-Channel Protected Low-Side Driver
  • Four NMOS FETs With Overcurrent Protection
  • Integrated Inductive Catch Diodes
  • Indexer/Translator for Unipolar Stepper Motors
  • Simple Step/Direction Interface
  • Three Step Modes (2-Phase Full-Step,
  • 1-2-Phase Half-Step, 1-Phase Wave Drive)
  • 1.5-A (Single Channel On) / 800-mA (Four
  • Channels On) Maximum Drive Current per Channel (at 25°C)
  • 8.2-V to 60-V Operating Supply Voltage Range
  • Thermally Enhanced Surface Mount Package
  • Gaming Machines
  • General Unipolar Stepper Motor Drivers

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