Sound Generator with IC 555 circuit diagram

This is a sound generator based on timer IC 555. A flip-flop circuit is included, so this circuit will give sound output and blinking LED.

Sound Generator with IC 555 schematic


R1, R7___________________ 470Ω
R2_______________________ 1kΩ
R3_______________________ 68Ω
R4, R6___________________ 56kΩ
R5_______________________ 47kΩ
R8, R9___________________ 10kΩ
VR1______________________ 200Ω Potentiometer

C1, C2, C3_______________ 10μF/16V
C4, C5___________________ 0.02μF (20nF)
C6_______________________ 100μF/16V

Q1, Q2___________________ 2N3904
IC1______________________ 555 or 1455
LED1, LED2_______________ LED

Download the manual HERE

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