Small 5V DC regulators

When you have a small power supply for digital experimentation. Everyone will tell you that the number of IC 7805 best buy is easy. Is commonly used, because it is easy to find and inexpensive.
If you feel tired it, want to try to create a circuit with IC or a transistor is interesting. It allows us to save. The old transistor. Or number you already have. There are 4 circuits, as follows. (see below)

(1.) 5V lab power supply

Friends at like to experience is digital circuit has evered to get into trouble have no 5V lab power supply ? In time wants emergency. but seek buy the integrated circuit can not. We come to try use the transistor be 5v voltage regulator circuit better. A friend who have old equipment may sure lollipop. The all equipment can seek to replace can is finished such as Transistor 2SC1061 replace get many the number TIP41,MJE3055 or the other. Zener Diode use 9V 0.5W sizes or 1W all right. For transformer use 6V sizes or 9V 1A only. You get 5V lab power supply that give Current get about 1A already please sir.
5v lab power supply

(2.) 5 Volt Linear power supply regulator using 2N3055

5 volt linear power supply regulator using 2n3055

This is 5 Volt Linear power supply regulator circuit. It uses electronics part that seek easily have no zener diode , and the integrated circuit use Transistor 2N3055 and other. Which seek easily use diode perform heal voltage be stable. By diode 1N914 number uses 1N4148 number can replace. For Transistor 2N3417 use the number BD139 equiv get. If use Transformer 1-2A circuit be this size give current get about 1 Amp. Friends may don’t be bored with line this circuit. I thinks it may advantage seek part easy and economize good yes.

(3.) Regulator 5VDC 200mA by 2N3055 , TL431

Here is circuit power supply regulator 5VDC 200mA.
it easy linear supply circuit with Transistor 2N3055 and IC TL431, it is Voltage Reference – Shunt Voltage Reference,there is very well quality more than a zener diode,
and cheap same it.
Source : joe (aircraftdesigner)
Regulator 5VDC 200mA by 2N3055 , TL431

(4.) 5 volt regulator by LM309

Hello! friends today I advises Voltage Regulator IC again the circuit. That be high class , voltage 5V. Convenient for Digital Circuits. Be usable good easy. by I uses IC LM309K have Output voltage 5V at current 2Amp. I hopes this circuit may advantage to friends , please sir.
5 volt regulator by lm309

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