Simplest Intercom

This circuit was
requested by an school teacher. It is a simple intercom that anyone can
put together and get to work. It is based on the LM380 IC chip. This
chip is able to put out 2 watts of power if it is heat sink properly.
The following pins should be grounded and attached to a foil to
dissipate the heat. Pins 3,4,5,10,11,12 should all be grounded. The
circuit works as follows. Switch 1 is a double pole double throw switch.
In one position is the talk position and in the other is the listen
position. In the diagram shown the switch is in the talk position for
the speaker on the left. Talking into the speaker inputs a signal to the
IC chip through the matching transformer T1. The output from the IC
chip goes to the speaker on the right. If you put the switch in the
other position the speaker on the right is the talking unit and the
speaker on the left listens. Volume is controlled by the 1meg ohm pot
R1. This circuit is very basic but is a good start for a child or anyone
starting new in electronics.


Circuit diagram

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