Simple Converter to Power UV Lamp

UV lamp converter scheme

This simple converter to power UV lamp scheme is a simple converter to power the ultraviolet lamp low voltage. The power supply can be applied using the 6  batteries of 1.5V  or a power supply with an output current of at least 1 A / 8V voltage outout.

Parts list :
C1 : 0.0047 uF Ceramic capacitor
C2 : 0.1 uFDisc capacitor
D1, D2 : 1N4007 Rectifier
FTB : UV lamp discharge tube
IC1 : 555 Integrated timer
P1 : 10K Potentiometer
Q1 : TIP30 PNP power transistor conduction
R1 : 470 Ohm Resistor
R2 : 270 Ohm Resistor
T1 : Step-up transformer for medium-power inverter
Socket for chip, heat sink for the transistor Q1, screw, PCB

Potentiometer P1 can modify the intensity of UV luminescence.

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