Simple burglar alarm circuits

At this period the economy not good, Make have steal plentiful. We come to try build the circuit steal model to is simple better. The Alarm Sound (Super Bell) loud forever until will cut power supply to go out. When the Switch of the magnet Senate was opened or strip metal torn. The R1 stand give get the maximum score. Discharge late beside one of the the Switch of the Senate or zone metal goes out. Devalue R1 until will begin change the dot is born the sound , this circuit will use the electricity about 0.3mA that 6Volt use Relay 6V 500ohm. When use voltage 6V – 9V use Relay 9Volt 1200ohm. When use voltage 12Volt , this not difficult circuit. Request a friend enjoys and safe from steal please sir.

Burglar alarm circuit by 2n2222

If you want a basic than this circuit, here is basic it one transistor alike.

Burglar Alarm model the circuit closes

This circuit works with battery 9V a piece is very small. For the work happens independently don’t be under house electricity. The circuit will make a noise to warn work as soon as , detect which be switch model usual close the circuit or aluminium , eliminated separate.
Burglar alarm model the circuit closes

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