Simple 12 Volt Battery charger

This kind of battery charger circuit will quickly and easily recharge almost every lead acid battery pack.This battery charger supplies maximum current till the current drawn by the battery falls to 150 miliamper. At this point, less voltage will be applied to complete and avoid over charging. Once the lead acid battery is completely charged, this circuit goes off and lights up the led, showing that the battery has completed to be charged.

12 v battery charger schematic

A suitable heat sink should be installed on the lm350. To work with this circuit, connect the lead acid battery into the output terminals. You can use Binding Posts or Alligator Clips to connect it. All you must do now is press S1 (The switch), and wait for the circuit to complete charging the battery.

12Volt Battery charger note:
If you are planning to build this kind of battery charger circuit. Before you run this battery charger for the first time, all you have to do is check the battery charger to ensure that it is really functioning correctly and your lead acid battery save for getting over charged.

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