Relay Type Switch Circuit Test in High-Voltage Impulse Generator

This kind of impulse generator simulates transient overvoltages on residential or industrial low-voltages AC power circuits (120 or 220V). And the following picture diagrams basic schematic circuit of the tester for high-voltage impulse generator in the relay type switch with resonant circuit.

Basic impulse generator circuit

And herein are the value description of basic impulse generator circuit semiconductors :

C1 0.025uF, 10kV (Gudeman, 2×0.01 + 0.005; GC 2455103M37/0.01uF, GC 245S502M37/0.005uF)
C2 0.01uF, 10kV (Plastic Capasitors, Inc, Plastic C a p – OF100-103F)
C3 4uF, 400V
L1 15uH (32 turns, #23 wire, 0.7″ dia.Air Core)
L2 70uH (28 turns, #23 wire, 2.6″ dia.Air Core)
R1 22 Ohms, 1W, Comp
R2 12 Ohms, 1W, Comp
R3 1.3 MOhms (12 x 11o KOhms, 1/2W)
R4 47 KOhms (10 x 4.7 KOhms, 1/2W)
R5 200 Ohms, 1/2W
CR-1 Relay, 2 N.O. poles in series GE CR2790 E 100 A2

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