Programming The Propeller IC

Parallax, well known for
its successful Basic Stamp IC, has recently introduced the Propeller: a
new microcontroller with a certain difference. It packs no less than
eight 32-bit processors (referred to as COGs
in Propeller jargon) into a single package with only 40 pins. That
design takes genuine simultaneous multiprocessing possible, and the
sophisticated internal structure of the device makes it relatively easy
to implement video and signal-processing applications. The Propeller can
be programmed in assembly language or the high-level Spin language. The
processor and the programming tools were developed entirely in-house by
Parallax, with the hardware being designed from scratch starting at the
transistor level.

Circuit diagram:

Programming The Propeller IC Circuit

Programming The Propeller IC Circuit Diagram

The basic idea behind that was to avoid becoming involved in all
sorts of patent disputes with other manufacturers. The result is
astounding, and for software developers it certainly requires a change
in mental gears. As is customary with modern microprocessors, the
Propeller has a simple serial programming interface. The developer’s
toolkit from Parallax has a modern USB port
for that purpose, but a reasonably simple alternative (illustrated here)
is also possible for anyone who prefers to work with the familiar RS232
port. Don’t forget that the Propeller works with a 3.3-V supply

Author: unknown – Copyright: Elektor Electronics

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