Power supply positive-negative-ground from a single power supply

Power supply positive negative ground from a single power supply

I like to try different circuits. Using adapters as a power source. Which it has disadvantages be it can not turn on the negative power supply.
However, this circuit can supply both positive and negative.
This circuit is used IC number NE555 set up to stable multi vibrator.It produces a frequency rectangular patch of about 100 Hz.Out to pin 3 through C3 and C4. Before the rectifier power section. Both positive and negative DC 2 series.Positive power supply will work with the rectifier D1 and D2.When a positive signal to be via D2 to the output. And filtered from C5 to filter the pressure to smooth again. But if there is negative signal to the D1 and down through the ground.The negative power of the D3 and D4 the rectifier.When a negative signal to the output signal to be via D3. And will be filtered from C6 to smooth again.When a positive signal to be via a D4 to ground.

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