POWER SUPPLY 0-12V 0.7A max 2A

POWER SUPPLY 0 12V 07A max 2A

This is circuit simple power supply adjustable voltage output 0-12V and Current output 0.7A – 2A . It is easy circuit and easy to build. low cost too. read detail in image circuit.

An adjustable power supply for model railways and general projects.
This handy power supply has an output of 0v to 12v at 700mA with a transformer that is rated at 1-amp (such as M-2155) or 1.4amp for a transformer that is rated at 2-amp (such as M-2156). Your local electronics shop or model railway supply will have these or equivalent transformers. The mini pot mounted on the board has a scale to show the approximate output voltage and this can be replaced with a standard pot on the front of a case. You can also include an ammeter if you wish.

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