police siren circuit diagram

Police Siren                                  Police siren circuit
Click here for Circuit Diagram.

This circuit produces a sound similar
to the police siren.
It makes use of two 555 timer
ICs used as astable multivibrators. The frequency is
controlled by the pin 5 of the IC.
The first IC
(left) is wired to work around 1Hz. The 47uF capacitor
is charged and discharged periodically and the voltage
across it gradually increases and decreases periodically.

This varying voltage modulates the frequency of the
2nd IC. This process repeats and what you hear is the
sound remarkably similar to the police siren.

Two presets VR1 and VR2 are provided to vary the siren
period of repetition and the tone of the siren.

By varying VR1 you can set how fast the siren changes
from high freq. to low freq.
VR2 sets the siren
frequency. Adjust VR1 and VR2 to suit your taste.


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