Phone "Hold" With Music

Phone “Hold” With Music

Circuit diagram

Phone "Hold" With Music Circuit

This circuit will allow you to place a phone call on hold and if you
wish to have them listen to music while they are on hold. The circuit
operates as follows: The RED wire from the phone jack is typically
positive and the GREEN wire is negative or ground. When you want to
place a call on hold, close S1 and hang up the handset. The resistor R1
simulates another phone off hook and allows enough

current to pass through to prevent the phone company from
disconnecting the call. The resistor R2 and LED provide a visual
indication that you have someone on hold ( this is optional )

The capacitor C1 and the transformer provide the interface to a radio
or CD player headphone jack. Before you hook up the project to the
phone line you must determine the polarity of the line. Place a
voltmeter across the red and green wires of the telephone line, there
should be about 48 volts

DC positive when the black lead of your meter is connected to the
green phone wire. If it is negative 48 volts then reverse the wires.

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