Phone Lines Used for Setting Up Whole House Speaker System

The project illustrates
the use of pre-existing telephone wiring system in order to run a
house-wide and low cost audio system, as seen in the image below. It
would be expensive to use podcasts or Internet radio for streaming audio
around the house. For a 3-level house, this would permit the same audio
to be played throughout although the sensibilities of audiophiles may
be violated since the ON/OFF and volume controls are on the remote

Pictured in the image below is the master jack that contains an
extra port that will be used for input. This is responsible for feeding
the audio into the network after taking from the laptop. The 3.5mm
headphone jacks are accommodated by all the rest which are stationed
around the house. This implies that any big stereos or iPod earphones
that is preferred can be plugged in.

The power to run the stereos is the coolest thing about this hack
wherein it can be supplied using the Cat 3 telephone cable, which
contains 8 strands, through the network. This will work only if the
lines have 3 extra wires and no land line is in use. The wiring in the a
wall junction box is shown in the picture below which illustrates how
simple it was constructed using basic circuitry and soldering required.
For each stereo running from each socket, this will save having two

Another image shows a cover panel for an in-wall junction box which
shows both speaker jacks and a phone jack while using Cat 3 wire. the 4
screws at the bottom can connect to a 2-line phone via the Cat 3 phone
jack in the cent and the 3 screws at the top are for the audio jacks. To
secure the wood to the box, a double-side tape will work well.

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