PCM2706 High Fidelity USB Soundcard / USB Headphones

PCM2706 Soundcard Schematic


PCM2706 – 32-PIN TQFP
1x 12 MHz Crystal
1x 1M Resistor
4x 3.3K Resistor
2x 1.5K Resistor
2x 22 Ohm Resistor
2x 15 Ohm Resistor
100uF Capacitor
2x 47uF Capacitor
4x 1uF Capacitor
2x 22nF Capacitor
2x 27pF Capacitor


: 5V
Interface: USB 1.1, USB 2.0
Output Interface: Headphones, S/PDIF
Sampling Rate: 32KHz, 44KHz, 48KHz
SNR: 98dB
THD: 0.006%
Headphone Output Power: 12mW
Power Consumption: 35 – 45mA
OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Mac OSX

PCM2706 Soundcard / USB Headphones

PCM2706 USB Sound Card / USB Headphones


This is a high
fidelity external USB Soundcard / USB Headphones
project that can be built for your PC or Mac. It
is based on the latest PCM2706 IC which functions
as a high quality, crystal clear 16-BIT Stereo DAC.
It is a single chip digital-to-analog converter
that offers two D/A output stereo channels, digital
S/PDIF output and requires very few external components.
PCM2706 includes integrated USB 1.0 & USB 2.0
compliant interface controller and it is conveniently
powered directly from USB connection. PCM2706 is
a USB plug-and-play device and does not require
any driver installation under Windows XP and Mac

PCM2706 chip also provides seven functions that
are controlled with tactile switches. It provides
volume (up / down), Play, Stop, Previous Track &
Next Track controls. These functions do not need
any software or driver installation and work instantly
after connecting PCM2706 to a computer’s USB connector.

This project includes double-sided 65 mm x 43 mm
PCB layout in the PDF format which you may use to
transfer to your printed circuit board. Once you
will have PCB ready, soldering PCM2706 chip is not
that difficult as it may seem.

Block Diagram


PCM2706 enclosure

PCM2706 Block

Circuit Board


PCB Layout
(PDF format)

PCM2706 USB Soundcard PCB Layout

Component Placement


PCM2706 High Fidelity USB Soundcard / USB Headphones #6

Where to get the Parts


If you are building the
above High
Fidelity USB Soundcard / USB Headphones

and have trouble finding some of the components
like PCM2706 and 12 MHz crystals we are distributing
these components at Electronics-DIY

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