ON Semiconductor A 12V/40W AC-DC Demonstrator with NCP1250

This AC-DC Demonstrator with NCP1250 application note from ON SEMICONDUCTOR is prepared by Christophe Basso. The NCP1250 is implemented in a 40-W ac-dc adapter delivering a dc voltage of 12 V. The converter takes advantage of the NCP1250 high integration level to offer a very good performance in standby power and Over Power Protection.

This application note describes how an ac-dc converter meeting all new efficiency challenges can be built with the new NCP1250. Despite a small TSOP-6 package and a limited amount of pins, the performance of the final board nicely competes against other more complex circuits by offering a similar set of options plus some unique features such as the non-dissipative OPP circuit. This makes the part the ideal candidate where space constraints, performance and cost sensitivity have to be combined.

ON Semiconductor A 12V 40W AC DC Demonstrator with NCP1250

Application note’s content including the adapter schematic, efficiency performance, and more.


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