Native 1080p System On Chip

Native 1080p System On Chip

Native 1080p System On Chip

Aptina, a leading provider of CMOS imaging solutions to the world’s most popular consumer electronics manufacturers, announced the AS0260 SOC (system on chip) imaging solution. The 2-megapixel native 1080p SOC delivers exceptional performance, and meets strict form factor requirements (z-height less than 3.5mm) for ultra-thin, full HD video applications within the video-centric consumer electronics market. The new SOC has a 1/6-inch optical format and a new 1.4-micron pixel featuring Aptina™ A-Pix™ technology to provide excellent low-light performance. The new SOC provides HD video at 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps with powerful image processing capabilities critical for sharp, clear video capture.

The AS0260 provides SOC-specific features including integrated multi-camera synchronization for stereo or 3D cameras, perspective correction for off-axis camera placement, adaptive polynomial lens shading correction, UVC interface support for USB/ISP bridge devices, as well as automatic image correction and enhancement. Additionally, the AS0260 provides OEMs with advantages over many other Full HD (or 1080p) solutions currently on the market with MJPEG formatted data output to enable video streaming with reduced bandwidth; a presence detection feature combined with ambient light sensing for system power savings, and face detection and tracking capability for identity and security applications.

“The AS0260 is a great addition to our growing portfolio of HD video solutions,” said Farshid Sabet, VP and GM of Aptina’s mobile, PC and gaming business. “This SOC readily meets the needs of the OEM market with excellent performance, quick adoption across platforms, and advanced features for a variety of innovative video conferencing applications.”

About Aptina A-Pix Technology

Aptina A-Pix technology is a series of advanced pixel technologies, featuring lightguide, deep photodiode, and 65 nm pixel design rules that cost-effectively advance pixel performance. A-Pix technology enhances quantum efficiency and minimizes crosstalk to capture sharp images with vibrant colors even in the low-light conditions that challenge traditional sensors. Aptina has already shipped millions of imaging products containing earlier generations of Aptina’s reliable and established pixel technology. For more information, visit Aptina’s website at A-pix.


Aptina’s AS0260 is currently being sampled by several tier-1 OEMs. Mass production is scheduled for CYQ1 2012. It is available in Die and CSP packages.

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