Multi-Gigabit Serial Link Analysis

Multi-Gigabit Serial Link Analysis

Multi Gigabit Serial Link Analysis

Signal Integrity Software, Inc. announced that SiSoft will be participating in the Synopsys Users Group (SNUG®) Designer Community Expo (DCE) Monday, March 26, booth #200 in the Custom Design and AMS Verification community. The SNUG Designer Community Expo (DCE) is a unique, networking event featuring Synopsys and its ecosystem partners from across the electronics industry. At SNUG DCE, Synopsys users can interact with exhibitors and see the latest design enablement solutions spanning seven designer communities: Compute and Design Infrastructure, Custom Design and AMS Verification, FPGA, IC Design, IC Verification, IP, and System-Level Design. SiSoft will be exhibiting in the Custom Design and AMS Verification Community at the SNUG DCE in Santa Clara, and will be demonstrating how Quantum Channel Designer® integrates with Synopsys’ HSPICE® circuit simulator.

SiSoft’s Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) automates analysis of multi-gigabit serial links using both statistical and high-performance time-domain methods, with superior support for both IBIS-AMI and HSPICE device models. SiSoft collaborates with semiconductor vendors to ensure their models are accurate and work seamlessly in QCD.

“HSPICE models are widely recognized for simulation accuracy,” noted Barry Katz, SiSoft President and CTO. “Quantum Channel Designer integrates with HSPICE to provide complete design and analysis environments for DDR2, DDR3 and high-speed serial links.”

SiSoft has also worked with Synopsys to create IBIS-AMI models for a range of Synopsys DesignWare® mixed-signal PHY IP in IBM technologies. SiSoft’s products automate signal integrity analysis to report a design’s operating voltage and timing margins. “Participating in the Designer Community Expo lets SiSoft demonstrate how our products simplify complex design analyses and learn about new challenges our customers are facing,” stated Barry Katz.

The 2012 SNUG Silicon Valley Designer Community Expo will be held Monday, March 26, 4-8 P.M. at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Hall B, open to all registered attendees of SNUG Silicon Valley.

About SNUG

The Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) was established in 1990 to provide users of Synopsys design tools and technology with an open forum in which they could exchange ideas, discuss problems and explore solutions. SNUG has emerged as the largest community of design engineers in the world, with 13 SNUG conferences worldwide drawing more than 9,000 Synopsys customers each year. Attendees represent the world’s largest semiconductor design and manufacturing companies as well as many innovative start-ups. At the heart of each SNUG event is a technical conference focusing on real-world design challenges and featuring peer-reviewed user papers, along with presentations from top Synopsys technologists and industry experts.

SNUG and the Designer Community Expo at SNUG are by-invitation events only for Synopsys customers. For more information, visit the SNUG DCE web page at:

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