Microphone For Computer

Buying a microphone for a
computer is costly. Especially when there is a need to have two
microphones—one for modem and another for sound card—or if the present
microphone is not working properly and needs to be replaced, you are
likely to feel the burden of extra cost. Here is a low-cost microphone
circuit that comes within your budget. All sound cards and modems have a
socket for microphone that is in compatible with stereo jack pins. The
stereo socket takes condenser microphone as input and provides the
necessary positive voltage for a condenser microphone.


Circuit diagram

Before building the full circuit, connect three wires to the
jackpin, switch on the computer, and insert the jack pins; into the
socket of the sound card. With the help of a multimeter, find out the
positive terminal out of the three wires. There exists a potential
difference of 4V or so between the positive and ground terminals. The
third terminal will obviously be for the signal input. The positive
terminal is used for biasing the condenser microphone. After identifying
all the terminals, connect them as shown in the accompanying circuit

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