MC34161 Datasheet

The MC34161/MC33161 are universal voltage monitors intended for use in a wide variety of voltage sensing applications. These devices offer the circuit designer an economical solution for positive and negative voltage detection.

The circuit consists of two comparator channels each with hysteresis, a unique Mode Select Input for channel programming, a pinned out 2.54 V reference, and two open collector outputs capable of sinking in excess of 10 mA. Each comparator channel can be configured as either inverting or noninverting by the Mode Select Input. This allows over, under, and window detection of positive and negative voltages. The minimum supply voltage needed for these devices to be fully functional is 2.0 V for positive voltage sensing and 4.0 V for negative voltage sensing.

Applications include direct monitoring of positive and negative voltages used in appliance, automotive, consumer, and industrial equipment.

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