Mazda Tribute 2002 Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

2002 mazda tribute passenger compartment fuse panel1

Mazda Tribute 2002 Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

Mazda fuse map 2

Mazda Tribute 2002 Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Map

Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: Rear Wiper Relay (Coil), Four Wheel drive control module, Cluster (restraints control warning), ABS unit (EVAC & FILL), ASC unit, Restraints Control Module (RCM), ASC main SW to ASC uniy, Flasher unit, Front washer motor, INT relay, IGN relay (coil), ACC relay (coil), Starter relay (coil), GEM, Sun Roof Motor, Reversing Lamps, Passive Anti Theft Transceiver (PATS), RCM, Cluster, Shift lock relay (coil), O/D signal to PCM, PCM relay (coil), Canister vent control solenoid, Blower relay (coil), Rear defrost relay (coil), Pressure switch to PCM, Rear Wiper Motor, Rear Washer Motor, Turn Indicators, Front Side Turn Lamps, Front trun lamps, Rear turn lamps, Fan relay 1,2,3 (coil), A/C relay (coil), Front Wiper motor, Flasher unit, Trailer Fuse, Illumination Fuse, Cluster, Power Mirror, Trailer position lamps, Horn, Stoplamps, High mounted stoplamp, Trailer stoplamp, ABS unit, ASC unit (Brake Pedal Position Switch), PCM, Shift solenoid, Power Window Motors, Power  door lock motors, Key interlock solenoid, GEM, Radio, GEM (door lock relay coil), Power seat, Audio, Cluster, Interior lamp, Map lamp Cargo lamp, Accessory relay, Clock, Cigar Lighter, Front Position Lamps, License Lamps, Tail Lamps, Trailer turn, Park Lamp Relay (coil).

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