Maxim MAX1555 Battery Charger Pin Description and Datasheet

The herein picture shown Maxim MAX1555 Battery Charger Pin configurations diagram in thin SOT23 package. This SOT23 Dual Input USB AC Adapter 1Cell Li
device used to be applied on PDAs, Wireless Applications, Cell Phones, and Digital Cameras as it can charge from USB or AC adapter.

Pin Descriptions of MAX1555 are: (1) USB – USB port charger supply ,
(2) GND – Ground, (3) POK – Power OK Active Low Open Drain Charger and
CHG – Active-Low Open-Drain Charge Status Indicator, (4) DC – DC charger
supply input for an AC adapter, (5) BAT – Battery Connection.

In the MAX1555 datasheet,
there are descriptions about USB to Adapter Power Handoff, MAX1551
Power-OK, MAX1555 Charge Status, Precharge Current, Package Thermal
Limiting, and Bypass Capacitors.

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