Luggage Security Alarm Schematic

We usually lock our luggage utilizing a chain-and-lock arrangement when in travelling by a train of bus. But, still we are worried, apprehending that someone may possibly break the chain and steal our luggage. The following schematic is really a very simple and easy build luggage security alarm circuit to alert you when a person tries to break the chain.

Luggage Security Alarm Schematic

Transistor T1 allows supply to the sound generator chip when the base current begins flowing through it. When the wire (thin enameled copper wire of 30 to 40 SWG, applied for winding transformers) loop around the chain is cracked by someone, the base of transistor T1, which was previously linked with positive rail, becomes opened. Because of this, transistor T1 gets forward biased to extend the positive power source towards the alarm circuit.

In idle mode, the power source consumption within the circuit is lowest and as a result, it could possibly be utilized for numerous travel hrs.

To make it possible for generation of various alarm sounds, joints to pin 1 and 6 could be designed as shown in the following table:

Alarm sound selection

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