Lower Temp Thermoelectric Module

Lower Temp Thermoelectric Module

Marlow Industries Triton ICE

Triton Ice graph w summary

Marlow Industries announced the availability of a new Triton ICE thermoelectric module series that will chill electronics as much as 2°C below current market offerings. Inspired by sub-zero temperatures on Neptune’s moon Triton, the coolers can dramatically improve customer electronic systems in thermal performance, cost, noise, weight, size or efficiency.

“We designed the Triton ICE product line for the industrial and medical manufacturing sectors, but the benefits can extend to all market applications that require superb cooling capability,” commented Pete Townsend, director of component engineering, Marlow Industries. “Any one of these performance improvements can make the difference in whether our customers’ projects succeed or fail. We consider this to be a critical differentiator from current solutions on the market.”

Managing heat in electronics is a common issue, and systems today require high-reliability solutions to achieve maximum temperature differences for the application. The new Triton ICE modules exceed the industry standard in cooling capacity, rate and efficiency while using the same input power. And, as solid-state heat pumps, they offer superior reliability.

Recognized consistently for its products’ quality and consistency, Marlow offers high performance dependable solutions with security of supply. In addition, Marlow’s high volume manufacturing operations in Vietnam enable reliable quality at a competitive price on all Triton ICE products.

The Triton ICE 40×40mm thermoelectric cooler will be available in October 2011, with product line expansion plans for a range of dimensional and heat pumping requirements. Manufacturing capacity is planned to reach 10,000 units a month by March 2012.

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