Low Noise Audio Preamplifier Circuit

A preamplifier circuit with a very low noise characteristic can be built by simply combining a FET transistor with a bipolar one.
The input impedance of the preamp circuit is almost the same as the gate impedance of the FET transistor (around 1MΩ) The output impedance at the other end is about 1KΩ.
The frequency of this preamplifier is linear (-3dB) between 10 Hz and 450 kHz and -1dB between 20 Hz and 200 kHz. The amplifying factor is aroung 100.

This preamp circuit can be powered from 12 to 30 volts without significant deterioration in its amplifying characteristics

Low noise preamplifier circuit diagram

Low noise preamp schematic

Low noise preamp printed circuit board

Low noise preamp pcb

Active components

  • T1 = 2N3819, 2N3823
  • T2 = 2SA1515, 2SB822, 2SB909, 2SB911

2sa1515 2n3819 2sb911

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