LMD18200 in Motor Driver V1.0 Circuit Diagram

The MotorDriverV1.0 board is a high-power dual H-bridge capable of independently driving 2 DC motors or one stepper motor. The picture below show you with the block diagram of Motor Driver V1.0 using LMD18200 H-Bridge IC from National Semiconductor.

LMD18200 in Motor Driver V10 Block

LMD18200 can operate at supply voltages of 12 volts to 50 volts, and
motor currents up to 3 amps continuous and 6 amps peak. Variable motor
speeds and powers can be achieved by Pulse width modulation (PWM). You
might need the LMD18200 datasheet, you can find it here.

(source: engr.scu.edu)

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