LM348 Quad Op Amp Circuit Diagram and Datasheet

LM348 Quad Op Amp Circuit and Datasheet: LM348 LM248 Schematic

An op amp device with has low power operational amplifier and specifically characterizes features identical to LM741 operational amplifier
is the series of LM348 quad op amp. It gives four independent and high
gain along with internally compensated despite of low power op amp.

The circuit diagram shows one section of LM348/LM248 Quad Op Amp schematic.
It has absolute maximum ratings such 18V supply voltage, continuous
output short circuit duration, 0 ~ +70 C operating temperature/-25 ~ +85
C operating temperature.

According to the LM348/248 datasheet, this Quad Op Amp device has features such as Low supply current drain, Pin compatible with the LM324/LM248, Overload protection for inputs and outputs, High degree of isolation and more.

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