Linear LED Driver-CL220

Linear LED Driver

Linear LED Driver

Supertex, Inc. introduced CL220, a high voltage, temperature-compensated, constant current, LED driver integrated circuit (IC). It is designed to drive a string of LEDs with a constant current of 20mA, and multiple ICs can be used in parallel to provide higher output currents in increments of 20mA. It can be used in a variety of solid-state lighting applications, such as signage, automotive, industrial indicators and accent lighting.

CL220 operates from 5 to 220V, and is trimmed to provide a constant output current of 20mA (+/-10%) at an input voltage of 5 to 160V. It can be used as a two terminal constant current source or constant current sink. CL220’s temperaturecompensated output current maintains consistent LED brightness regardless of temperature fluctuations. The IC also withstands transients without the need for any additional transient protection circuitry when used as recommended.

“CL220 is the latest in a long line of simple, cost-effective linear LED drivers from Supertex,” states Stephen Lin, Vice President of Marketing at Supertex. “The two terminal device makes system design easy, and the fact that the device can be used in parallel adds a great amount of versatility to its output current specifications.”

CL220 is available in TO-220 and TO-252 (D-PAK) packages (CL220N5-G and CL220K4-G, respectively). The part is RoHS compliant. Samples are available from stock. Lead-time for production quantities is 4-6 weeks ARO. Pricing is US$0.97 for the CL220N5-G and US$0.73 for the CL220K4-G, each in 1K quantities.

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