Lighting Wiring Diagram Of E-Ton Thunder AXL90, NXL90, And TXL90

The following wiring circuit is the lighting wiring diagram of the E-Ton Thunder AXL90, NXL90, and TXL90. The wiring schematic is quite simple to read, but make sure you have understand about them comprehensively before performing any wiring changes on your E-Ton Thunder to avoid any circuit shorting. The parts we will see inside this lighting wiring diagram will be like: head light, brake switch, ignition switch, resistor, horn, rectifier, electric choke, 12V battery, starter relay, starter motor, ignition coil, CDI module, and stator. You will also find the cable color code here. (click image to enlarge)

Lighting wiring of e ton thunder axl90 nxl90 and txl90

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