Lighting And Ignition Circuit Diagram For 1932 Chevrolet EAGLE Series CA Passenger Car

This next schematic is the lighting and ignition circuit diagram for the 1932 Chevrolet EAGLE Series CA Passenger Car. The electrical system used on this Chevrolet car is called the double unit system with ground return. Many components here require little attention from you, but sometime you will need to fix a thing or two, and when that time comes, please consult professional car expert if you’re not sure about your car’s electrical system. Components shown here are: dome lamp switch, battery, dome lamp, starting motor, tail & stop lamp, starting motor switch, horn, ignition coil, headlamp, electrolock, headlight control switch, ammeter, lighting switch, etc. Click on image to view it larger in a new tab.

 Lighting and ignition circuit for 1932 chevrolet eagle series ca passenger car

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