LED Flashing Heart Project

This is an interesting project of Light Flashing Heart circuit. The circuit is very small, cheap and simple, using LED as the light output. You may build another “shape” for this project, like circle shape, “superman logo” or the shape of a letter/character.

Schematic diagram:
Flashing heart

Parts List:
R1, R2 = 470 ohm
R3-R5 = 100 ohm, 3-watt
R6-R8 = 1K ohm
R9 = 5K linear potensiometer
C1, C2 = 100uF/16 volts
IC1 = 4047
Q1-Q3 = 2n3643or equivalent
LED1-LED84 = yellow LED
LED85-LED126 = red LED
LED127-LED142 = green LED
PS1 = 12VDC power supply
Miscellaneous: Jumper wire, solder, printed circuit board, drill and bits,14 pin I.C. socket, and a frame or case.

Chopper PCB layout (bottom):
Flashing heart bottom pcb

Component Placement (top):
Flashing heart top pcb component

Source: http://www.diy-electronic-projects.com/p129-The-flashing-Heart

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