LED Clock Using PIC (Microcontroller)

Now you can always know
the exact time. With this design you can have an atomic clock in your
room. Isn’t that great? Read on to know more.

First of all, it is not about any radioactive elements here. This is
about building a clock display that can get the time from the DCFF77
facilities in Frankfurt, Germany.All that is needed is a clock LED display, DCFF77 receiver, and a microcontroller along with the necessary connections.

Basically, the project allows a signal that is sent by the DCFF77
radio station to be decoded. After that. the microcontroller process it
and sends it to the LED display to show the
exact time. There is no need to build a signal receiver, a good quality
receiver can be bought on the internet for a low price.


Once everything has been set in the connection board the PIC
source code should be developed. The orientation of the antenna should
be perpendicular to Frankfurt. It will receive signal if it is within
2000 miles from the city. If there is a signal, the period on the clock LED display will blink in a constant rhytm. When a full cycle of binary pulses is received, the clock will show the exact time.

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