Lamp & Fuse Tester

Why a lamp tester or
fuse tester? Testing cables, wires, lamps… belongs to a repair job and
sometimes this becomes too cumbersome since one has only two hands and
too often, one has to hold the part being tester and the two probes of
an ordinary continuity tester all at the same time.
This fuse and lamp tester enables easy testing of lamps and fuses by
using the conductivity of the human body. One of the test probes is
connected to the part under test while the other probe is held by the
normal hand.

When the lamp or fuse is working properly, your eyes will glow in
the dark! Just kidding 🙂 . When the lamp or fuse is working properly, a
small amount of current flows through the hand which is enough to
switch the transistors and light the LED.

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