JDM Programmer Modification by COM1

JDM Programmer Modification by COM1

The JDM (or Ludipipo) seems to be among the most popular PIC programmers used – and rightly so: it is simple, cheap and easy to build, can be run with the free and excellent IC Prog software by Bonny Gijzen, and will program pretty much any PIC microcontroller on the market. However, an issue has arisen lately with some of the new PIC’s, eg PIC12F675, 12F629, and some others with an internal oscillator. When these chips are programmed the first time, everything goes fine. However, if you later try to read or re-write to them, they read as blank and cannot be written to. The problem only occurs when the PIC has been programmed for INTOSC and MCLR_OFF, but even in this situation sometimes it will re-program OK – there seems to be some other dependence on the program which has been loaded as well.

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