Infrared Remote Extender

This project sprang from
the need to be able to remotely control audio-visual equipment placed
inside cupboards. RF-based commercial units such as those used for home
theatre were found to be overkill for this application. The circuit is
based on a commonly available infrared receiver module (IRX1) and a
PIC12F675 microcontroller (IC1) – see circuit. Most infrared standards
specify a nominal 38kHz carrier signal for data transmission, which the
module receives and demodulates.

Infrared Remote Extender Circuit

Infrared Remote Extender Circuit Diagram

Digital data output:

The digital data output from the module is fed into GP2 (pin 5) of the PIC micro, where it’s received by the PIC program and duplicated on output GP1 (pin 6). This flashes the “Signal” LED to give a visual indication that the extender is receiving the remote control’s transmissions.

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