Ideas circuit of small transistor amplifiers

Currently, ICs has been used in many audio amplifiers,especially small circuit. It is convenient to use transistors.But when you need to use transistors, it has several advantages, such as saving you can take old equipment come to made small circuits easier than the IC. Which may be difficult to find. Take a look at these circuits. Maybe you get the idea of it.

Power Amplifier OTL by AC176+AC126

Mr Somsak is my friend who like to make power amplifier so much. but he do not well electronic man. I so introduce he need make easy project before. This circuit is simple power amplifier OTL that mini watt output but is older circuit.
They uses transistors example number are AC176 , AC126 and BC109. which there has other a few components. They are used power Supply Voltage 9Volt only. I hope it will be once circuit so you like and well ideas.
Power amplifier otl by ac176ac126

Power Amplifier OTL Cassette Radio Booster by TIP41+TIP42

Power amplifier otl cassette radio booster by tip41tip42

This is mini Power Amplifier OTL for Cassette Radio Booster. it have transistor TIP41 + circuits of TIP42 Drive speaker sound. Volt supply see in image.

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