ICL7660 DC to DC Converter input 5V to output +/-5V

Voltage Inverter, +5 to +/-5V, Input Voltage 1.5-10V, or Voltage Doubler to 18.6V
ICL7660 Features

  • Simple Conversion of +5V Logic Supply to +/-5V Supplies
  • Simple Voltage Multiplication (VOUT= (-) nVIN)
  • Typical Open Circuit Voltage Conversion Efficiency 99.9%
  • Typical Power Efficiency 98%
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range
    • ICL7660 1.5V to 10.0V
    • ICL7660A 1.5V to 12.0V
  • ICL7660A 100% Tested at 3V
  • Easy to Use – Requires Only 2 External Non-Critical Passive Components
  • No External Diode Over Full Temp. and Voltage Range

Icl7660 dc to dc converter input 5v to output 5v

Source : http://www.ortodoxism.ro

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