How to Wiring Glendinning Marine Engine Tachometer Sender

How to Wiring Glendinning Marine Engine Tachometer Sender: Glendinning Tacho Sender Wiring Schematic

Do you have any difficulties in wiring Glendinning Marine Engine Tachometer Sender? The schematic illustrates what wires in the tachometer which can be wired to the engine processor of the boat.

First of all you need to have an #18 AWG / 2 conductor shielded wire to each tachometer sender. Please choose the black one and black with red stripes to be run to the engine processor and do not connect anything else to this wires other than the Electronic Engine Control system.

Then, make it sure that other end of each wire can be connected to the engine
processor tacho terminal strip and the starboard is attached to the
stbd side of the terminal strip. These wires can be hooked to either
terminal position since they are non-polarized, just make it sure that you connect to the appropriate terminal strip of each engine.

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